About me

Lucia 0195 Enana

My name is Lucia and I am a wedding and portrait photographer. I live in the wonderful city of Barcelona, Spain.

I have spent most of my life feeling inspired by photographs, music, literature, painting, sculpture, and artistic creations of every variety. In addition to being a wedding photographer, I'm an architect and a theatre actress; these creative endeavors influence the mood of my photographic style, and nurture my desire to tell peoples stories. People have always been my favorite subject. It's a magical and ever-changing landscape, being human, and I love documenting the precious, the perfect, the messy, the silly, and the glorious.


Photography has become a way of life for me. The beauty of this profession is that I can continue to develop as a photographer. I like a journalistic approach, I am a storyteller. I ask you not to pose, but to experience the day as if I am not present. This way I can capture the authentic and wonderful emotions of you and your family and friends. The laughs as well as the tears.

Your wedding day will become a story you will look back upon with a smile.

A beautiful day in your life, with the people you love, which will always remain through the photos.

I need two ingredients from you to make the wedding photography as extraordinary as possible. Those are your trust and your confidence. If you trust me I can do my work well and feel the freedom to make the best pictures of every special moment.

You will get the most creative photos I can make and I can photograph your unique story as pure, true and authentic as possible.

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