A wedding is one of the most special occasions in a couple’s life. It is an eventful occurrence, brimming with important moments that are not only emotional but also entertaining and sincere. These instances are difficult to capture if the focus is only on traditional photography and poses.

Lucia offers a professional and tailored service in a style that is narrative, a documentary consisting of spontaneous shots which relate the human experience and the day’s emotions in an honest and instinctive manner.

Her work is a visual narration of your wedding day, capturing all the major events as well as those moments of great authenticity, the smaller and unexpected details which mark your celebration, as something special and unique.

Many of Lucia’s clients request her services because of the dynamic and natural style of her photography. Nonetheless, the more formal photos (groups, family and portraits) which are also included in the documentary, are indispensable and highly appreciated. The number of each of these, will of course be determined by you.

The photographs can be presented in a traditional album or provided in digital files of the highest quality and printed in book form. Each album is arranged and designed meticulously; it is unique and narrates your wedding day.

The photographs are mounted in an “pure” form, without added effects or color compositions.

The photos are taken in color and black & white.

Online Gallery
Your wedding photos can be presented in the clients section of this website, so that your family and friends can view them at their leisure. A password is provided to guarantee privacy.

There are several packages offering various combinations of prices for all tastes and budgets.

The best way to contact Lucia in the first instance is by email or telephone – please visit the Contact page for details.

In order to create a good documentary, it is essential to carry out an interview prior to your wedding day. This is also an opportunity to view Lucia’s work and decide your preferences and other details of your wedding day photos.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Lucia for any queries or questions relating to her work and services in general.

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